Youth Lysis for Crisis

Action 4.3 Youth Training (Youth in Action Programme)

22 - 29 April, 2014

This Training Course brought 26 people from diverse European backgrounds together to work with the theme of youth unemployment.  
‘Youth Lysis for Crisis’ was a training course that inspired to use the collaboration of three distinct fields of non-formal education, business and formal education. Representatives of the three sectors came together for a rare sharing of comparisons and exchanges. The training course was a conscious attempt to build bridges between sectors and learn from each other’s philosophy, approaches and experiences. 

​ Youth workers from Estonia, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Germany, Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary and Cyprus explored the topic as an opportunity for youth work. They discussed how to develop the abilitiesof people working with youth — particularly with young people from ethnic minorities — and how to make young people more competitive in the labour market.