The Refugee and Migration Crisis: Dealing with a European Problem

Erasmus+ KA1

27 July - 5 August, 2017

Agros, Cyprus

Participating countries: Cyprus, Romania, Poland, Greece, UK, Italy, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Estonia, Spain, Hungary, Slovakia

About the Project

The immigration problem as well as the acceptance and integration will represent the main theme of the project. The mentioned theme has been the actual  problem in the last years, especially after the immigration phenomenon has increased and becomes more and more acute if we consider the fact that Cyprus is both a country that provides immigration and that is welcoming immigrants. 
The cultural diversity was a constant in the European history, diversity that increased in the last decades with the new waves of immigrants that will continue for at least this two reasons:
1. The majority of immigrants that came to Europe in the last decades together with their children are decided to stay but many of them are still connected to the cultural heritage of their homeland countries. If this situation is treated smart it can be beneficial for Europe because it can increase the creativity that is now needed more than ever.

The main objective of  the project was to sensitize and increase the level of awareness of the youngsters in what relates the integration of immigrants. To reach this point we proposed the following objectives: 
- To create an adequate environment where all  participants to expose their experiences relating immigration in the process of integration and to propose solutions to ease the process during the activities of the project ;
- To inform and make aware a number of minimum 200 people of the immigration problem inside the European Union, both during and at the end of the activities;
- To raise the level of tolerance of the participants of the project as well as of the community where it will take place towards immigrants in particular and persons from different race, religion or ethnicity.
- To create the foundation for a future collaboration between partners of the project for future ones on the same theme or similar ones for a 2 years period.
-To increase awareness and understanding of practices, policies and systems in education with a view of supporting migrants 
-To promote greater understanding and responsiveness to social, linguistic and cultural diversity