Testimonial by Bianca Aelenei (Romania)

Employment 4 U training course was my first Youth in Action project and I can confirm that the saying “Beginner's luck” turned to be true in my situation. The project was a real success and a very nice and powerful experience which made me continue going in Youth in Action/Erasmus+ projects. I realised that I love to be in a culture mixture and that there are so many things to learn just from informal education not only from the non-formal and formal one. The project had a strong impact in my personal and professional life, but the most knowledge that I gained during the training course proved to me that employment among young people is a problem just because they are not interested enough in finding a job. I am pretty sure that everyone who does something about it, and is not just waiting for the perfect job to come, will find their dream job. What matters is what we do, not what we don`t do! I realised that there are so many opportunities available for youth and I felt overwhelmed by all the information, but it felt so good... I was only 18 years old when I participated at the training and maybe I was not the most suitable participant for this because I was not looking for a job and I was not even concerned about this issue, but during the project I begun to feel like a pressure on me regarding this issue. It wasn't a bad feeling, it was more like a feeling of responsibility because I knew I have to give the information forward to the people that were in need. After this training course I realised how much I would love to work at a European level and how exciting it would be to always meet new people and help people in need. Right now I am studying International Relations and European Studies in Bucharest, Romania and I am willing to work and coordinate these kind of projects, but much more bigger.